Friday, December 5, 2008

I want to win...

I am sure that everyone is feeling the budget crunch like we are this Christmas. My friend told me about a great giveaway done by the Walmart eleven moms. There are 20 of them and they are each giving away $500.00 gift card to Walmart sponsored by WalMart and Nickelodeon.

All of them are asking for money saving tips. I admit that I am not the best saver, but I do think I am getting good at pinching pennies to survive. My best tip would be to go without your soda or coffee (if you drink it) each day. Not only will your wallet get healthier, but so will you.

Other money saving tips that I think are good...Go grocery shopping with a list that you have made with your weekly menu. Stick to items on the list. Buy your groceries with cash and you will definitely not go over.

Shop through Melaleuca (if you don't know how I would be glad to tell you, it is only $1.00 to sign up this month). I get my nonfood products which are safer for my home and cheaper delivered right to my door. That means I don't have to go 45 minutes to the nearest store to buy products that may cause me to get cancer, and I save on gas and the junk food that I would no doubt buy going to the store.

Check out the giveaways!

1. Deal Seeking Mom
2. A Cowboys Wife
3. Being Frugal
4. Common Sense with Money (giving a way an Flip camera).
5. Classy Mommy
6. Consumer Queen
7. Frugal Upstate
8. Geek Mommy's weblife
9. Mommy Brain
10. Skimbaco

There are a few...I will finish later. Wish us all luck!

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