Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maxey family project

I was looking through Bloggy Carnival giveaways today and came across this one at A future pastor's wife. You need to check it out. The Maxey family has lost one child to cancer and now their 4 month old is also battling cancer. Doesn't that just break your heart. I wish I knew the reasons that children, and people in general were getting cancer. It is a horrible disease. Head on over to the Pastor's Wife blog and see what you can do to help...even if it is just blogging and spreading the word. She is trying to collect written prayers or letters to present to the family.

And my 2 cents worth...this is the exact reason I am a customer of Melaleuca and a life-long user. I believe that the chemicals that we clean with and breath, the chemicals in our skin care products, and even the vitamins we take in are harming all of us in some way or another. I love that Melaleuca is using ingredients from nature. They have no caustic chemicals that will harm your family or our environment. And the new Oligofructose complex in the vitamins is like no other. If you want to know more about how to make your home safe and save money at the same time, please comment or email me at emily_albrecht at hotmail dot com.

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