Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks to those who voted for me. I didn't win, unfortunately. They say no, but I swear there was cheating going on for that person to have over 2000 votes. I'm okay though, now that the embarrassment of showing my messy house and scrapbook areas to the world is over.

OK, so now I know that nobody is ready this...I got 4 comments, even with bribery. So it may not have been a lot, but it was bribery. Two of the 4 comments were my good friend who put me in for the contest and my mom. So, I'm going to just give you all some cards. Please email me your address at emily_albrecht at hotmail dot com. I'm not guaranteeing how quickly you will get them, but I will get them to you, I promise. I am now working full time and have very little time to make things and on top of that, pregnant with the whole sick thing going on. SO, that being said, I will get you some cards, just don't plan on getting them tomorrow. ;)

Thanks to those who are still reading. I do know I can do better at posting, but oh how I hate the fact of wasting my time when I don't think anyone is reading. So, for those few who are, what would you like to see? Are you interested in only my stamped projects/cards/scrapbook layouts or something else? I'm at a loss. Please help. Of course, if nobody responds, I might just be another 3 weeks to posting. ;)

I think I do have some scrapbook layouts and cards to show, I just have been too lazy to take photos. But keep your eyes open, you never know when a burst of energy or a second of sickness will subside.


Jingle said...

I am sorry that you didn't win! That would have been SO stinking cool! I wanted to enter, but I couldn't really justify it and I had JUST cleaned my dang room! LOL!

As far as what to see - I love to see artwork! Cards, layouts, whatever! I love it all! Contests are always good if you are trying to drive traffic, but then you have to find ways to keep them around...that can be tough sometimes! LOL! Also..if you want more visitors have you considered participating in any of the memes? They allow you to add your link to a group of other posts and then you can visit theirs and they visit yours! Also, know that lots of people read, but never comment - it's the joy of blogging! LOL!

Liz said...

I like to see your site, but truly I forget to check it. I guess I shoudl subscribe.. Keep postin!